Best New Music 2016

[Originally posted on Soundwaves Review]

As the year draws to a close, everyone is reflecting on the past 12 months and I’ve been noticing many ‘best of’ and ‘top 10/20’ lists for music.

It’s impossible to make a complete list of the best new music releases for 2016, of course, because I haven’t heard all the new music that’s been released! 🙂 However, certain albums and EPs have come to my attention this year that deserve a wider audience. I’m going to list them here (in no particular order).

I’m only including music that doesn’t fall within the rock/metal genre because there will be another “best of” list (which I’ve compiled with Maria Haskins).

So here are some of my favourite indie releases of 2016.

Bauer – Impossible is Nothing

I reviewed this exceptional album on the blog. You can read that HERE.

Buy the album:


Willow Robinson – EPs: Stones and Ocean Blue

Willow Robinson has released two EPs this year. I featured the mesmerising Stones on the blog earlier in the year.


He’s recently released Ocean Blue, a 4-track EP, which includes the tracks “Ocean Blue” and “I’ll Tell You Goodnight” – previously featured on the blog – as well as a gorgeous cover version of “Feelin’ Good” (Newley/Bricusse).

Buy the EPs:


Red-sided Garter Snakes – Blue Lake

You can check out my review of this excellent album HERE.

You can buy the album direct from Sympathique Independent Music.

Send an e-mail to:


velettes – EPs: Colour Studies and Resolve

velettes have released two brilliant EPs this year, both of which have been reviewed on the blog: Colour Studies and Resolve.

Buy the EPs:


Jason Achilles Mezilis – COMEDOWN

I interviewed Jason Achilles Mezilis about his awesome instrumental album, “COMEDOWN”, earlier this year:

Buy the album:


I must also mention Jason’s latest release, which is a fabulous classical track, Schizmatique No.2, featuring the Budapest Film Orchestra.


Murmur Tooth – The Room

I featured this EP on the blog earlier in the year:

Buy the EP:

Pat Heath – String Theory

I interviewed Pat Heath about this excellent new instrumental album in May:

Buy the album:



Tarot Rats – Minor Arcana

“Minor Arcana”, by the talented Tarot Rats was previously featured on Rock and Roll:

Buy the EP:


Burning Astronomers – Pounds, Shillings & Pence

I also featured this EP on Rock and Roll when it was released:

Buy the EP:


Nigel Brown – The Sands of Time

Check out my review of Nigel Brown’s EP, “The Sands of Time”, here:

Buy the EP:


JIANT – Sanctuary

This brilliant instrumental EP was featured on the blog recently:

Buy the EP:



Puppet Rebellion – The Pact

I also want to mention the EP “The Pact” by Puppet Rebellion, although I don’t think it’s been officially released as an EP. I do have a copy that was being sold at their recent gig, so it falls within 2016 releases for me.

They released the wonderful title track with a video this month.

Buy the single:


I hope you’ll find some new favourite bands/musicians from this list 🙂


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