New Music: Resolve EP – velettes

Back in June, I interviewed velettes after the release of their awesome EP “Colour Studies”.

They have now released their second EP, “Resolve”.

The new EP features 5 brilliant tracks:

  1. Revive
  2. (I’m Drifting) Out of Phase
  3. Study No. 2
  4. 101 Nights
  5. Resolve

These songs have an uplifting vibe. “Revive” is quite dancey, calling to mind memories of summer; it reminds me a bit of New Order in places. The second track, “(I’m Drifting) Out of Phase” has a bit of a retro sound – possibly R.E.M. inspired: one of my favourites on the EP.

“Study No. 2” is an instrumental tune, that sits nicely as an interlude between the two halves of the EP. “101 Nights” reminded me a bit of the songs on the band’s first EP; it’s melodic and has an indie pop tone. “Resolve” is an atmospheric tune that is almost experimental in sound, with lots of layers and a pulsating beat.

“Resolve” is a fantastic follow-up to velettes’ excellent debut EP.


Get your copy on iTunes:


Stream on Spotify.

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