Album Review: Impossible Is Nothing – Bauer

As soon as I heard Bauer was going to make a new album I was very excited. I’ve been following this talented band for a while now, ever since falling in love with their first album, “Sleeping Giants”. Their brand of synth pop/indie music has a beautiful, ethereal sound, and they are extremely creative, always producing something extraordinary.

The band decided to fund their third album “Impossible Is Nothing” via a Pledge Music campaign. This is a very popular way for bands to produce their albums these days. I’ve followed quite a few of these campaigns and they are always exciting because the bands keep fans up to date with all the goings on in the studio, and there are often exclusives that are available only for pledgers. So far, Bauer’s Pledge campaign has been one of my favourites to follow. They are a band who are constantly experimenting with new things, and throughout the campaign they were making exclusive downloads of singles, demos, and EPs available to pledgers; this included a Christmas EP, a Depeche Mode cover, and a tribute to David Bowie. There’s still time to pre-order the album through their Pledge Music page and get access to these exclusives before the album is released:



I was thrilled when Bauer asked if I’d like to listen to the pre-mastered album and be the first to review it. I jumped at the chance 🙂

I’ve listened to the new album (pre-mastered) a couple of times now and I love it. I got a taste of what the album would sound like when the band released three of the singles early to pledgers, so I’d already heard “Perfect Ghost”, “Breakdown”, and “Kagoshima”. I knew this was going to be a fabulous album and was not disappointed.

Here’s the final track listing:

My review:

The album starts with probably my favourite song, “Perfect Ghost”. When I first heard it, I was taken in by this alluring, haunting, and poignant song. It’s an introspective song for the lonely, for lovers, for dreamers. This song could just as easily have been titled “Perfect” because it really is. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics heartfelt, romantic, and Greg Matthews’ voice just makes it even more mesmerising.

The title song, “Impossible is Nothing” follows. This is a more upbeat song but still has lyrics that are thought-provoking and evocative, with a theme of love and yearning. It’s a song of hope, I think, and quite anthemic with its pulsating tune and catchy chorus.

The third song, “Breakdown” was also featured on an early download given to pledgers. It’s a pop track with a powerful, driving melody and danceable groove. This is the type of song that Bauer excel at and, I think, would be instantly recognisable as a Bauer song.

The fourth song in this enchanting album is “Separation”. The drum beat is more noticeable in this track and again it’s a perfectly crafted pop song . It’s a retrospective track with lyrics that tell of disappointment or regret, a love gone wrong. It is another dancey track.

“Kagoshima” is the only instrumental track on the album. It was also included in the early-release downloads for pledgers. It’s a beautiful chill-out tune with an uplifting sound.

“Made the Change” comes next on the album. This one is also one of my favourites. It’s dancey with repetitive lyrics. Anthemic with a heavy beat. An uplifting, powerful pop/indie song. I love the melody. It’s reminiscent of the best indie pop of the ’90s so has a lovely retro feel.

“Reverence” is a slower song. It’s another signature Bauer tune. It has punchy lyrics and a smooth vibe.

“The First Time” is wonderfully Duran-Duran-esque. It’s an upbeat song about falling in love, with a pulsating beat and catchy chorus.

“True Romance” reminds me of earlier Bauer tunes from the first two albums, which is no bad thing because this band have an addictive sound. This one has thought-provoking lyrics and is another danceable track with a nice groove.

“Under Your Spell” is the final track on the album. It’s a great song to end with as it’s slower and retrospective. A gorgeous melodic tune with evocative lyrics.

This is a spellbinding album from the masters of synth-pop with an indie twist. If you are a fan of electronic music, pop, or indie, you’ll find something to love in this album.

Look out for the announcement of the release date soon!

Check out their list of EPs and albums on iTunes:

Follow the band:







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