Album review: The Red-sided Garter Snakes – Blue Lake

“Blue Lake” is the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album “Endless Sea” by the Red-sided Garter Snakes.

A whole host of talented musicians that John Lever (The Chameleons drummer) has worked with, and has been influenced by, in his musical career feature across both releases:

David Fielding (The Chameleons), James Anthony Mudriczki (Puressence), Andy Clegg (The Sun & the Moon), Stephen Wilson (The Cornelius Crane), Greg Mathews (Bauer), Michael Reed (Bauer/ Mutineers), Paul Denheyer (Fish Monkey Man / Sunstack Jones), Simon Collier, Mary Joanna Coogan, Paul Higham, Jonathan Jackson, Andy Whitaker (The Sun & the Moon), Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Mark Winterburn (Edge Recording Studios), Ryan Smith, and Gordon Rankin.

I received my copy of the album, “Blue Lake”, after completion of the successful Pledge Music campaign.

It’s a fantastic follow up to the awesome debut album from this band.

The great thing about Red-sided Garter Snakes is that there is so much talent, and musicians that have a wealth of experience from working in the industry for years; all of that shines through in the music they produce. This is a professionally crafted album with 11 brilliant tracks.

The album begins with an instrumental, “Endless Sea”. This is a tune that builds slowly and makes a great intro for the album. It’s followed by “Sharing Your Skin”, a catchy tune that is reminiscent of the best ’90’s indie; it’s a passionate song with a retro sound and a dancey, upbeat vibe.

Track 3 is “She Sells”, one of my favourites from the album. It’s another upbeat tune with a catchy chorus; an epic, anthemic indie track.

“Love Sick” is the next song. It’s a darker tune with a driving beat and repetitive lyrics. It’s quite experimental sounding.

Track 5 is “Blue Lake”, a instrumental, piano led tune. It has quite an uplifting melody and is a nice interlude on the album.

The next song, “The Black Horse” is my favourite track on the album at the moment. It has thought-provoking lyrics with an awesome melody. Greg Matthews’ vocals suit the song perfectly. It’s a haunting tune.

Track 7 is “Ragbone Man”. This one has a wonderfully memorable chorus and again a bit of a retro indie sound. It’s a dancey tune.

“The Village” is next. This is another epic indie song; it’s quite an introspective track but with an upbeat sound.

Track 9 is “Fugitives”. This is a beautiful instrumental track. It has a strong driving beat with a Spanish guitar sound interwoven with the melody, which sounds R.E.M. inspired in parts.

“Freak Control” comes next. An indie-pop tune that is dancey and catchy. A great melody and lyrics.

The album rounds off nicely with an instrumental. “Turncoat” has a heavy beat and is the perfect outro for this excellent album.

“Blue Lake” will appeal to fans of indie/alternative and guitar driven music. It’s quite an eclectic mix of sounds but somehow they all fit together perfectly.

The Red-sided Garter Snakes will be returning to the studio soon to start work on another project!

You can get both Red-sided Garter Snakes albums direct from
Sympathique Independent Music by emailing:

Red-sided Garter Snakes will be playing The Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne, on Saturday 18th March 2017 – see the Facebook event page for details of where you can get tickets:

Follow the band:





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