New Music: The Sands of Time – Nigel Brown

Talented singer/songwriter Nigel Brown has just released a new EP, “The Sands of Time”.

Track listing:

  1. The Sands of Time
  2. Forever Be
  3. Keep on Goin’
  4. What I Needed

It’s a mellow and chilled out collection of tracks; ideal for relaxing to. The songs have quite a retro-rock sound. Think Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac. All of those artists came to mind when I listened to the tracks. Having said that, it’s a very original sounding collection of music; Nigel Brown has taken elements of folk and rock and added inspiring lyrics to produce an enchanting collection of songs. Perfect for folk, folk rock, and alternative rock fans. My favourite song is the title track “The Sands of Time” – I love the guitar part at the end. But the whole EP is well worth a listen.

You can stream the album on Spotify and Soundcloud. Buy on iTunes:

I asked Nigel to tell me a bit about the inspiration behind each of the songs on the EP:

Sands Of Time
A song about Mother Nature. I was thinking about the demise of the planet and the lack of care for the world. The song has probably my favourite lyrics that I’ve written to date. Musically it was a search for a longer sequence of chords! Which eventually I found. Also I think the different sections of the song mean you can play it many times before it wears out, I hope so anyway. Bit of classic rock with the end guitar solo!

The sands of time blow wild and fast
High over Eden’s broken glass
Mother Nature laid down at last
Her tears are run dry

Forever Be
I actually wrote this about my Dad. It’s basically talking to someone when you know they are not going to be here much longer. Sadly he is not here anymore. But his love will ‘Forever Be’.

Quite a simple melody. Nice bit of slide guitar in the middle, almost goes a bit Hawaiian!

Keep on Goin’
This is a song about corruption. About two faced politicians. Also about people leading a double life. I sometimes find it amazing how people think they will get away with these things. Musically the main riff is a kind of Mark Knopfler influenced jam with a bit of JJ Cale. I should add my son Charlie is playing all the drums on these tracks.

You keep on goin’ with your head in the sand
You think the stones you’re throwing are never gonna land

What I needed
Song about searching, hitch hiking, on an endless quest. Inspired by some personal experiences as a teenager. I remember hitch hiking where there was almost no traffic. It was very slow. Eventually my own brother picked us up!

Musically it’s really based on an acoustic guitar, finger picking part. I always try to write songs that will stand up when played with one guitar and one voice.

Nigel tells me he plans to release his seventh album in November:

I have all the tracks finished. Only waiting for the artwork. Title at the moment is ‘Off This Train’. I sort of got back in to song writing in 2009. I released my first album Soldier in 2010.

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