Free music: The Room EP – Murmur Tooth

Murmur Tooth are a Berlin-based band. They call their style of music “Grungepopdoom” 🙂

I’ve just had a listen to their new EP, “The Room”. It’s currently available to stream free and download (“name your price”) on Bandcamp:

This is a brilliant EP. They have a very original sound, which I think will appeal to fans of alternative rock, pop, grunge, and indie music. My favourite tracks are currently “Knees Are Clean”, and “And I Wait”, but I enjoyed listening to the whole EP.

Band bio:

Murmur Tooth blend grunge and pop into a grimy and beautiful din. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, the three piece combines a driving rhythm section with dirty guitars and soaring female vocal harmonies. Murmur Tooth were born in New Zealand and England and are now based in Berlin. They are currently the 46th best band in the world.

Grab your copy today:

Keep up with the band’s news:




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