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  1. Hi,

    My name is Angel Mora and I wanted to share the band I perform in, Closed Campus.

    We are a three piece rock band from McAllen, TX with influences of alt. rock, acoustic, punk rock, classic rock, indie rock, etc.

    We do have one album that was released in 2012 and are currently working on a new one with a new line up.

    Below is are website where you can find links to anything regarding the band, social media, news, music videos, live performances, events, etc.

    Current members
    Angel Mora – guitar/vocals
    Rob Borrego – bass
    Calvin Irby – Drums

    Thank you very much, Maria Haskins!


  2. Hy

    we’re Witches of Doom from Rome..we would like to ink a deal with you for our second album.

    Our debut album was released last May through Sliptrick records.
    Here few links where you can find more info about us….by the way we play a sort of mix of goth-stoner-doom and new wave all blend together….The Cult,Danzig,Type o Negative,Depeche Mode, 69 Eyes etc.

    > below you can find the whole album >
    Thanx a lot > > Fed > > >


  3. Hi Maria,

    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I came across your blog writing and wonder if you’d be interested in hearing my new single?

    I tried emailing, but got a delivery failure.

    I’m in the process of releasing a couple of video singles that were written, recorded and produced on my lonesome recently…and I’m looking to see if anyone would be interested in sharing the songs.

    Here’s some links to the first single, “Finding A Voice”

    Official Video:



    I will be launching the singles via my Bandcamp page, as well as all the usual streaming media sites (Spotify, iTunes, et al) and links will be available very soon.

    I’m genuinely just trying to get my music out there and any support I can get would be amazing.

    I’m more than happy to share links and promote each other’s efforts/pages…that’s never a problem.

    Many thanks in advance and I hope to hear something positive from you soon!

    All the best,

    Ben Harris-Hayes


    • Hi Ben! I will definitely take a listen to your material. No guarantees on when/if/how/what I will be posting about it on the site, mainly because things get rather busy sometimes! Still, you’re on my list! Thanks for sharing your work!


  4. How does one go about getting an album reviewed by you (or your sister site, Soundwaves)? I am a singer-songwriter, and my music veers from the quiet/contemplative to rock, although rarely long enough in any one place to fit nicely into a niche… My band & I put out an album late in 2015, THE BLEACHED BONES OF TITANS, that explores the sonic palette of early 1970s British Rock (glam, proto-punk, prog, and folk-ie stuff) through 11 original numbers intended to honor that sound, and we’re still looking to get reviews. I’d be happy to mail a hard copy, or to send you a dropbox link to the album in zip file format.


  5. RE: Bibeau Release First Single/Video, “Mark This”

    I hope all is well! I have a great story that’s receiving national and international press. Just wanted to make you aware of the project, hope you like it. Bibeau launched a new single and video worldwide and the band will be available for the next few weeks for press interviews. A significant number of major press articles have started to hit in England, Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Italy and North America. Bibeau is now available for in person interviews, telephone and Skype interviews. Please contact me at or call (903) 574- 7819 to set up a time!



  6. Not long ago we were our single “Can’t say goodbye” was featured as a track of the day on this site. On 7/4 we will be releasing our debut EP “Pain & Redemption” and we would like to send a copy for review if you would not mind.


  7. Hi Guys I’d be interested in gettting your feedback on my first Album ‘Man in the Middle’ by ‘Madam Tsunami’. We have a indie/grunge influence that has a singer/songwriter approach. Currently we have booked a studio in Oxford and are working with Waratah Records for the production of our second album. We aim to mix more folk influences into this project from our exposure to this style while living in Scotland. Check out the soundcloud/vimeo and let us know your thoughts….

    Adam Usmani


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