DIVIDES – New Album by The Virginmarys Is Brilliant!

‘Divides’, The Virginmarys’ new album is out, and I can’t stop listening! I had a lot to do today, playing my routine game of catch-up, because I’m perpetually behind. I’d planned on listening to the album while I got some work done. Are you laughing? Because, really, my attempt was comical. I clicked play on Spotify. Looked at my e-mail. Said, Damn, this is good. Turned up the volume. Looked at my e-mail again. Listened to the lyrics. Started chair dancing. Turned up the volume a little more. Forgot what I was supposed to be doing. Tried to focus. What was I doing? Turned up the volume a little more. Doing the chair jam, closing my eyes. Funny, but I can’t work with my eyes closed. Clearly, I also can’t work with The Virginmarys’ new album blasting.

So, yeah, the album is fan-freakin’-tastic. I gave up on any pretense of work by the third song. Divides is a masterful collection of songs. Music, vocals, lyrics – soaring, raw, aching, loud. Spectacular.

Here’s a look:


  1. Push The Pedal
  2. For You My Love
  3. Halo In Her Silhouette
  4. Free To Do Whatever They Say
  5. I Wanna Take You Home
  6. Walk In My Shoes
  7. Kill The Messenger
  8. Into The Dust
  9. Moths To A Flame
  10. Falling Down
  11. Motherless Lane
  12. Living In My Peace








This one is Moths To A Flame:


I might have come close to blowing my speakers on this next one. And I know I was making that ridiculous music face. You know, the one where you scrunch your eyes up and do a weird thing with your lips while bopping your head, because the music is just so damn good? Yeah, that one. I listened to this song three times while preparing this post. Here’s Into Dust:


Meet the Kickass Band:

The Virginmarys
The Virginmarys

Ally Dickaty – Guitar/Vocals
Danny Dolan – Drums
Matt Rose – Bass/Vocals

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes



  1. A belated read of your review Darica, after seeing Maria Savva’s track review, and man, these guys rock! I love your little discussion at the beginning that so vividly describes the feelings we rock music junkies feel when listening to great music for the first time. And I totally identify with the problem of being perpetually behind, like I am now. Here I am reading your review and jamming to the music when I’ve got several reviews of my own to write!


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