Rock And Roll’s 20 favourite releases in 2016

2016 might have been a trying, difficult year in some ways, but it was also a year full of glorious music. Here, in no particular order, Maria Savva and I share our 20 favourite releases from 2016.


Tracks of Wire – deux furieuses

This album has it all…“Tracks of Wire” is a very creative collection of songs. Every song is brilliant.

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Dark Universe – Jaime Page 

‘Dark Universe’…feels like an epic, an opera, a movie… a journey you take, a story being told. It’s an exceptional album full of both dreams and nightmares.

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A real gem of an album that classic rock fans will love. Every track is fantastic. If you liked all those glam rock bands in the ’80s, this is an album for you.

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Sittin’ Heavy – Monster Truck 

…a brand new album that will rock your world, light your fire, and clean your clock. — ‘Sittin Heavy’ is a bonafide rock and roll knockout, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a must-have.

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Florence Black EP

Florence Black – Florence Black

Each of the songs has its own unique and perfect sound… and it gets better with each subsequent listen as well.

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White Bear – The Temperance Movement

…a sometimes foot-stomping, sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes soul-searching, and thoroughly awesome collection of tunes…

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The Bad Flowers – Bad Flowers

The vocals, the guitars, and the lyrics all work together to produce something exceptional…an amazing collection of songs.

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Consequences – 68-75

…a sound that is sweaty, raw, and most of all alive: the kind of musical lightning-in-a-bottle that comes from exceptional vocal and musical performances…

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Aftermath – As Lions

excellent debut EP…a band who seem very passionate about the music…

Read the gig-review.

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Shut It Down – KilliT 

…a bold as brass, confident release that rocks heavy and rocks hard…music that has a depth and a complexity beyond the norm…

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Acid Roulette – Scorpion Child

I have just found a new favourite band to add to my ever-growing list.

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Battle Cry – Judas Priest 

It is loud, raw, powerful, and – after all these years – still unabashedly hell bent for leather…The result of listening to ‘Battle Cry’? I now crave more Judas Priest.

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The Answer – :::KILLCODE::: 

If you’re a rock fan you should check out this band. They have some brilliant songs and they live and breathe the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

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White Hot Heat – The Amorettes

The Amorettes don’t do fancy and they don’t do fake: they are a blood sweat and beers kind of band, and I love them for it. Gruff, rough, and 100 percent rock and f-ing roll. It’s awesome stuff.

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Night Time Voices – Stags

“Night Time Voices” is groovy, dreamy, and addictive. Blues rock at its best. Smooth vocals, stunning guitars, with a touch of psychedelia and a sprinkling of Southern rock.

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Destination Somewhere – Massive 

‘Destination Somewhere’ is a brilliant second album from a killer band that should be in all your speakers, all your headphones, and all your radios. Get it, play it, crank it up.

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Wicked Way – Echotape

…one of the best bands out there at the moment… Their songs are addictive, original, and have a perceptive and introspective quality to them.

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The Guitar Vinci Code – Graham Greene

‘The Guitar Vinci Code’ is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece. It’s six tales told through music, transporting you somewhere else entirely.

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Divides – The Virginmarys

It’s one of those albums where every track is fantastic and it just gets better with every listen. The songs have thought-provoking lyrics, a punk attitude, and a heavy rock vibe.

Read the review. (And Darcia Helle’s review, too!)

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Back To Zero – Ragdoll

Every release from Ragdoll has impressed me, and this one is the best one yet: rich, heavy, glossy in all the right places, rough in the right spots, and an all-around majestic offering of rock and roll.

Read the review.

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  1. Great collection of rock albums. I follow Echotape, and also like the ones from White Bear, The Virginmarys and Ragdoll after learning about them from your reviews. Will have to check more of them out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] “Kickin’ and Screamin'” is available for download purchase at KILLCODE’s website and Reverbnation. Advanced limited edition copies of The Answer are now available for purchase at The album contains 10 fantastic rock songs; these are expertly crafted songs, hard and heavy and full of passion and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. There are also a couple of awesome ballads that show the softer side of the band. The Answer was one of Rock and Roll’s favourite releases of 2016. […]


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