Spotlight On SANTANA IV

Santana’s new album came out about three weeks ago. Have you heard it yet? I’m listening to it now – again – trying to find some intelligent words to put together here. Let’s just toss out that effort, since I’m getting nowhere. I’m going to do my usual rambling conversation instead.

This album takes me back to my teen years. Santana was, I think, the second band I saw live. I was 15, maybe 16. The show was at the Music Hall in Boston. My big brother took me. I was mesmerized. Enthralled. Blown away. The sounds Santana made with that guitar were – and are – freakin’ mystical.

I’ve seen Santana a couple more time since then. His guitar skills manage to entrance me each time. I’m convinced those sounds are coming right up through his spirit, the energy pouring out through his guitar.

If you haven’t seen or heard the album yet (what are you waiting for?!), here’s a look:

Santana IV

  1. Yambu
  2. Shake It
  3. Anywhere You Want To Go
  4. Fillmore East
  5. Love Makes The World Go Round (Feat. Ronald Isley)
  6. Freedom In Your Mind (Feat. Ronald Isley)
  7. Choo Choo
  8. All Aboard
  9. Sueños
  10. Caminando
  11. Blues Magic
  12. Echizo
  13. Leave Me Alone
  14. You And I
  15. Come As You Are
  16. Forgiveness


This is Anywhere You Want To Go:


Santana IV brings the original band back together for the first time since 1973. These musicians have immense talent. I find another nuance to love every time I listen.

So, my thoughts on this album: Carlos Santana remains an incredible guitarist. He is simply masterful. This current lineup is perfection. Their music meshes like it was meant to be this way forever. But I have to say one thing about this album, and Santana’s past albums. This is purely selfish. I have to make clear that this is also no reflection on the vocalists, past or present. My favorite music by Santana was, is, and always will be his instrumental stuff. I mean… Damn! I could get lost in that guitar. Sometimes the vocals take away from that musical stupor I’m slipping into. This album has a few instrumental tracks, which will get heavy rotation on my playlists. With that in mind, the standouts for me are Filmore East (trippy!), Suenos (mesmerizing), Echizo (frenetic bliss), and You And I (mournful, intense)  And then there’s that last song – Forgiveness – which does have some lyrics, but it makes my soul shiver. If there is a heaven, I hope this is what it sounds like.


Carlos Santana


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