A trip down memory lane: songs from a mix-tape

In the old days, as there was no digital music, the way we made playlists was by compiling a mix-tape of our favourite songs. I used to make a lot of mix-tapes before CDs became more popular. I still have a few of those tapes. I found some of them at home today. It’s an interesting mix, so I thought I’d share it here 🙂

Here’s what I found on Side A of one of the cassettes. (I hadn’t listened to some of these songs for over 20 years!)

I’ll post Side B on the blog soon 🙂

1. Efilnikufesin (NFL) – Anthrax

 2. Stranger In A Strange Land – Ace Frehley

3. Midnight Dynamite – Kix

4. Sinister Double – Malice

5. Black Wind, Fire, and Steel – Manowar

6. Wrecking Crew – Overkill

7. The Savage and the Hungry – Raven

8. Hall of the Mountain King – Savatage

9. Apocalyptic City – Testament

10. Beat the Bullet – Vain



    • LOL yes, this is quite a heavy selection 🙂 The B-side has more glam rock and classic rock. I’ll post that one soon! It was fun making those old mix-tapes, wasn’t it?


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