Interview with Michael Miley of Rival Sons

[Originally posted on the UK Arts Directory 28.4.14]


Rival Sons are a talented rock band from California. They have a massive following in the US, and have recently taken the UK rock scene by storm. With over 82K followers on their Facebook Page and millions of views of their videos on YouTube, they are making new fans every day with their vibrant, fresh, and gritty rock music. They have been called “America’s next great rock’n’roll band”. If you’re a rock fan and you haven’t heard their music yet, you’re in for a treat.


Their new album, Great Western Valkyrie, is due to be released in the UK on 9th June 2014. You can pre-order it here:


I recently caught up with the band’s drummer to find out more about Rival Sons and their current plans…

Interview with Michael Miley of Rival Sons


How did the band get together, and is there a story behind how you chose the name ‘Rival Sons’?

In essence, Scott and Miley early on shared a vision of bringing the “Roll” back to Rock. Scott had formed a band that Miley joined. After a couple member changes, the band became Rival Sons. Rival Sons was a name Jay and Scott had come up with after pontificating a plethora of names. We thought it had a sense of quarrel, or locking horns…it had some fight in it, some challenge, something to prove.

You’re currently working on a new album, how is that going and is there a planned release date?

The album was finished in Nashville in February, 2014. It’s called Great Western Valkyrie. Its release is June 9, 2014.

Tell us a bit about the songs on the new album and what fans can expect. Has your music changed direction in any way?

I think it is definitely a new feeling. We always try to stay fresh and keep each other on our toes. It’s definitely our most realized of the lot. I also think our fans will expect and receive a “sound” that is “rival sons”. It’s got our individual signatures all over it. The bass guitar is new, that’s for sure, with the stylings of Mr. Dave Beste – our newest member.

You have had a lot of success as a band in the past 5 years or so. What tips would you give to bands who are just starting out as to the best ways to promote themselves?

Music is a business. Get smart. Beyond the jams in your garage, there’s buses, crew, labels, management, stylists, critics, etc., you name it. It’s a behemoth of a business. Stop being so cool that you miss out on the big picture. I think that’s the demise of most of the talented people out there of whom we’ve never heard.

You toured quite a lot last year. What were your favourite gigs?

That’s not a cool question!! haha. We love going everywhere. There’s places we haven’t been that I’m sure we will love just as much. There’s places we’ve been more than once that were better on different nights. We give 110% every city and hope to receive that back from the crowd; it’s a one-night-stand: either the passion is there or it isn’t.

Are you planning any tours this year, and are there any dates planned for Europe or UK?

Of course. Our team is always planning and thinking ahead. But there isn’t enough days in the year to hit all the cities we’d like to. This summer we’ll be in the UK, Scandanavia, Germany, the US, and Canada. This Autumn will probably reap the most dates in Europe and the UK to date.

What have been some of the highlights of Rival Sons’ journey to date?

I think breaking in the UK. We’re an American band straight out of California who got their break in the UK; thanks to Earache Records. Also, our show last year at Shepherd’s Bush was pretty pinnacle too. But I’ll always remember meeting Sir Jimmy Page backstage at Electric Ballroom.

Were there any bands/musicians who inspired you to become musicians?

I think all four of us wear our influences on our sleeves. But not everybody catches them all. I’d like to think I’m Ringo Starr, playing John Bonham’s kit, with the spirit of Keith Moon and Stewart Copeland. Where we all meet in the middle, though, is the Blues and R&B.



You have loads of great videos on YouTube. Who comes up with the concepts for the videos and who produces those?

They’re all different. I think we’ve worked with RSM on most of them. They’ll submit a treatment and we approve it and hope for the best with a small budget. I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.

What inspires your songs?

Typically a mood or a feeling from whatever idea we’re trying in the studio; then it evolves from there. Each individual song takes on its own personality and tone. We write in the studio with no preparation beforehand. It keeps it fresh, and as mentioned before, keeps us on our toes.

Any other news/message for your fans?

To the fans who don’t get to see us this summer: be patient. We want to tour the entire UK as much as you wish to see us. And we will see you soon! Thanks for all your continued support and hope you enjoy GREAT WESTERN VALKYRIE.

Thank you, Michael! Thanks for all the brilliant music. I’m looking forward to hearing the album!

Band Bio:

Rival Sons is an American rock band from Long Beach, California. Formed in 2009 from the ashes of Scott Holiday’s previous band Black Summer Crush that featured Michael Miley and Robin Everhart. Rival Sons was born when Jay Buchanan was persuaded to try Rock’n’roll and re-record ‘Before The Fire’. Rival Sons are about to release their fifth record. The band currently features bassist Dave Beste after Robin Everhart left in August 2013. Signed to Earache Records the band will release the new album June 6 in Europe, 9th in UK, 10th in USA (2014).

June 2009 – BEFORE THE FIRE (self released)
Feb 2010/2011 – RIVAL SONS EP (self released and on ITunes via Earache Records)
June 2011 – PRESSURE & TIME (Earache Records)
August 2012 – HEAD DOWN (Earache Records)
June 2014 – GREAT WESTERN VALKYRIE (Earache Records)

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[Originally posted on the UK Arts Directory 28.4.14]


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