Gig Review: Dirty Thrills – Upstairs at The Garage, London – 11th November 2015

[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 12/11/15)


Dirty Thrills treated fans to a fantastic show Upstairs at The Garage last night.

This is a band on their way to the top, and definitely one you should try to catch live soon because chances are they won’t be playing such intimate gigs for long. They’ve just got back from supporting Europe on tour in Germany. I had a chat with Aaron (bass) and Steve (drums) before the show and am told that they’ve been approached by a German record label who want to re-release the band’s debut album over there! Dirty Thrills will be joining Europe on the second leg of their European tour later this month, travelling to Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. They told me they were really enjoying their time with Europe.

Last night, the Garage was packed with fans, and Dirty Thrills played songs from their excellent debut album, as well as from their debut EP and their latest EP. This is a band who know how to put on a show and their passion for the music is contagious.


I have to also mention their support band, Paves, who I’d never heard of before. I really enjoyed their set, too, and will definitely be checking out some of their music.

I was very impressed by their show. They have a charismatic lead singer and a wonderful bluesy rock sound. I’m sure they are destined to go far.

PavesThe show was a double-headline gig with the Australian rock band King of the North. I had to leave early, so didn’t catch King of the North, but was informed by Steve from Dirty Thrills that they are a great band (so they must be!). You can find out more about them here:

Band links:









[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 12/11/15)



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