Gig review: Dirty Thrills – Gap/Lion Coffee Acoustic Session – 9/4/16

I’ve seen Dirty Thrills play live a couple of times now. Check out these reviews that were originally on the UK Arts Directory, but as that site has now closed, I’ve copied them over to Rock and Roll:

April 2015 – Proud Camden:

November 2015 – Upstairs at The Garage:

Yesterday, Dirty Thrills played an acoustic set at the Gap store in Oxford Street. Gap have partnered with Lion Coffee and Records to bring some exclusive shows to their stores. You can find more information here:!gap-x-lion/jsi6w

I’d seen a couple of acoustic videos that Dirty Thrills have on Youtube, so I knew it would be a great show.


Although used to performing high energy full-on rock and roll gigs, the band were just as impressive with a toned down acoustic set. It was certainly a unique experience for a Saturday afternoon, a blues rock band performing in the corner of the store while people browsed for jeans! They definitely caught the interest of many of the shoppers, though. There were people standing next to me who were looking up the band’s Facebook page on their mobiles. Lots of the crowd were taking photos and filming the band. One woman even asked me who they were. I gave her a flyer and she seemed very interested.


Whenever I’ve been to a Dirty Thrills show I’ve always noticed that they make people stop and take notice. Louis James’ voice is probably one of the best voices in rock at the moment, and each member of the band brings something individual and unique to the performances. They’re all talented musicians. I love watching these guys play; they always look like they’re having so much fun.

Check out some photos from the gig here:


This one hour acoustic set featured most of the songs from their self-titled debut album and some from their EPs. They played “No Resolve”, “Rock and Roll”, “Is This Home?”, “Reign”, “The Man Who Lost His Way”, “Feeling” and more.

I really enjoyed the show and I think they’ve made a lot of new fans too.

I had a chat with the guys afterwards. They tell me they’re working on some new songs but there are no details on those available as yet. They may release a second album or release a few singles/EPs at intervals. They have also had interest from record labels!

Dirty Thrills recently returned from a tour in Spain, which they enjoyed, and are set to play the HRH Blues Festival in Sheffield on 16th of April. The band also have a slot at the Camden Rocks festival on the 4th of June – they’ll be on at 3 p.m. in the Black Heart.

They’re planning to do a few more local gigs soon, so keep an eye on their website for details.

This is definitely a band to watch. Lots of exciting things to come, I’m sure.


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