Track of the Day: Danger – My Only Solution

My Only Solution’s album, “Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”, is amazing. It’s one of my favourite releases of the year, probably in the top 5, which is saying something because there have been so many awesome new releases this year. I think I have a list of over 30 favourite new album releases for this year. I have no idea how I’ll choose my year-end top ten for the blog!

I have the deluxe version of “Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”, which contains 6 bonus tracks that are not available on streaming sites. I would highly recommend the album to anyone who likes rock, metal, indie, and everything in between. It’s an eclectic mix of tracks, but they are all addictive, and I am a bit addicted to the album – it’s the most-played CD in my car at the moment. My favourites include “Do You Hear The Sound?”, “Falling”, “Earth Bound”, “Gun”, and today’s Track of the Day, “Danger”, but this is the kind of album that you play all the way through without skipping tracks, because it’s excellent.

Get your copy of the album:

This album is an ode to the issues we all face and a reminder that we don’t have to face them by ourselves. The record was made over 2 years and recorded in various spaces around the UK. We hope this album can encourage people to face their own personal hell. ~ My Only Solution

The Manchester trio will be playing a Halloween-themed headline show at Zombie Shack on 29th October 2022.

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