Album review – ELECTRIC HAZE ‘Electric Haze’

electrichazeElectric Haze is a  fairly new Swedish band, formed in 2014, and based in Umeå in northern Sweden (not too far from my old stomping grounds in Skellefteå, as a matter of fact). The band describes itself like this: “Born as an offspring to the rock giants of the seventies and eighties, Electric Haze combines soaring rock vocals with thundering drums, growling bass and screaming guitars.” Not a bad origin story, and the description does capture the band’s sound on this self-titled 6-track debut.

Blending influences from 1970s and 1980s rock, this is the kind of album that gives you a darn good feeling about the band’s future: well-written tunes, solid rock and roll skills, a healthy measure of vocal and musical talent, and a good sound. It’s also great to listen to a band that clearly aims for something other than paint-by-numbers rock, with more ambitious tunes and melodies.

‘Can’t Handle The Brakes’ starts things off – it’s a track with a free-riding, happy-go-lucky vibe, kind of like driving down the highway with your hair (hopefully) rippling in the breeze. Next track ‘Endlessly’ comes on with catchy riffs, clear-clean vocals, and a romantic, dreamy vibe.


One of my favourite tracks on ‘Electric Haze’ is ‘Fever’, featuring heavier drums and riffs and a loose and jamming feel. The vocals go a shade darker for the boozy-hazy lyrics, and there’s a trippy interlude that I really love as well.

‘(Shut Up) Shuffle And Deal’ speeds things up with a lot of ripping good bass- and guitar-work (plus a howl in the vocals), while the catchy ‘Crucify Me’ has a groove and vibe I really like. Final track ‘Master & Slave’ starts off with a distorted riff, and goes decidedly heavy and hooky, for a terrific finish to this solid debut release.

Electric Haze is a band worth watching. There’s a richness to the band’s sound that is really promising, and there’s a weight and heft to the tunes that makes you want to come back for seconds.

‘Electric Haze’ is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and elsewhere!

Electric Haze official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Can’t Handle The Brakes
  2. Endlessly
  3. Fever
  4. (Shut Up) Shuffle And Deal
  5. Crucify Me
  6. Master & Slave


  • Anton Ekström – Vox
  • Tommy Töyrä – Guitars
  • André Ekström – Bass
  • Yuppie Andersson – Drums



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