Track of the Day: Spilling My Blood – Jordan Red

“Spilling My Blood” is the excellent single from Jordan Red, from their upcoming debut album, “Hands That Built The World”.

About the song:

“Spilling My Blood” is an anthem for everyone that refuses to give up in life. Nathersonn’s artwork features a shattered red pill torn in two. This image reflects the idea that our eyes are open to the world as reality descends into chaos.

It’s about no longer being able to escape the feeling that your whole life is being torn apart as everything you worked for is systematically destroyed and taken away. When your back’s against the wall you have two choices; you can either lay down and die, or stand up and fight. This is for those that choose to fight. ~ Jordan Red

The album will be released on 11 November 2022. You can pre-order now:


1. Awake
2. Spilling My Blood
3. Beautiful Monsters
4. Way Down
5. Hands That Built The World 6. Don’t Let The Heavens Fall 7. Freak Show
8. Before They Burn Us All
9. It Calls My Name
10. We Are Everybody
11. Cast A Flame
12. Get Up

The concept of Jordan Red is rooted in our need to seek out the truth by viewing reality through a ‘red pill’ lens. The character behind the band name was created by combining the first name of clinical psychologist Dr Jordan B Peterson and the idea of taking the Red Pill as portrayed in pop culture classic film “The Matrix”.

“Hands That Built The World” isn’t just a collection of music discussing what’s come before, where we are now, and what’s up ahead, as the tracks and lyrical themes deal with what it truly means to be human in any given time and space. This is our story, our experiences, yet ultimately they reflect on the human condition. ~ Dan Baker (guitarist)

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