Track of the Day – ALL THEM WITCHES – Tiger’s Pit


All Them Witches hail from Nashville in Tennessee, but don’t let that fool you. They aren’t your typical Nashville band with a country, or at least an Americana leaning sound. They’re a hard rock outfit that weave elements of desert rock, stoner rock and the odd bit of psychedelia into their music.

The band have been around since 2012 and released six studio albums between then and 2020, with a ton of other stuff too. ‘Tiger’s Pit’ is their latest single which hopefully heralds an incoming new album. Because this is a great band. If you’re a fan of Kyuss or the solo work John Garcia has gone on to do, or even what Josh Homme has done in Queens of the Stone Age (especially the desert sessions offshoot) then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like this. Heavy, droning, but chilled and cathartic at the same time. Lovely stuff.

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