Track of the Day – PIERCE THE VEIL – Pass the Nirvana


Pierce the Veil have been around since 2006 and hail from San Diego in California. They identify as a post-hardcore group, which is not a rock genre I know an awful lot about. Hence why I’ve only really just discovered the band I suppose. I stumbled across this on a random Spotify playlist and was initially drawn in by the Nirvanaesque opening chords. And then I liked the self-referential element of calling the track ‘Pass the Nirvana’.

But there is a little more going on here. I can hear elements of Beastie Boys in it, and Rage Against the Machine. And the whole thing is wrapped up in a sort of Nu Metal and US hardcore/punk hybrid. I like it. I think it’s a good song and it draws from a range of influences and consolidates those into a sound that actually works.

There are four albums in the back catalogue if you want to check them out, ranging from 2007’s A Flair for the Dramatic to 2016’s Misadventures. Otherwise, I guess, keep an eye out to see if this single leads to a new long player release.

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