Track of the Day – KELLEY STOLTZ – We Grew so far Apart


Sometimes songs grow on you over time, and sometimes they just hit you in the face and you love them instantly. Well, for me, this is one of the latter. I just love it. I loved it instantly. There’s something about the bouncing rhythm and the classic sounding rock chords but with an off kilter vibe to them that really chimed with me right away.

Kelley Stoltz has been around for a while, his first record came out in 1999. But he has been a bit of a musical renaissance man. He’s worked as a producer, as a touring musician in other big bands, including Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as producing his own music inbetween. He even worked at one point in the mailroom at Jeff Buckley’s management company.

‘We Grew so far Apart’ is from his latest album The Stylist which came out in June this year. Elsewhere on that record he reminds me a little of the Georgia band ‘of Montreal’. There’s a light touch to his craft that gives you well honed lo-fi indie music that is actually also (whisper it) fun. Fun! That’s no mean feat I can tell you. Indie rock that actually puts a smile on your face. So, you know, if you feel a little down right now then you know where to go and what to listen to right? Thank me later.

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