Track of the Day – FRANCIS OF DELIRIUM – The Funhouse


Francis of Delirium is the trading name of Jana Bahrich from Luxembourg who is only three EPs and one single into her career so far. She already seems to be making some waves though and has been a bit of darling on a pretty impressive list of alternative music radio stations already.

‘The Funhouse’ is from her latest EP of the same name. And it’s a pretty great little record. To be honest they all are. I can only really categorise her sound as a sort of twenty first century, updated take on grunge. By that I mean it shares the same fundamental ethos and some of the same downbeat minor chords and lyrical themes. But there is something else in there. A sort of reworked, up-cycled nu metal sensibility as well as a deep indie rock instinct. So it all sounds kind of reassuringly familiar while undeniably fresh and new and current. I find that kind of exciting to be honest.

By all accounts Bahrich is working on her debut album and all I can say is that this is definitely definitely one to keep an eye out for. In the meantime you can check out her existing back catalogue. You will NOT be disappointed, I guarantee it.

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