Track of the Day: Truth – Red Room Therapy

I have just found out about Red Room Therapy’s unreleased 2020 album. They released it on 31st December 2020 on Bandcamp, and you can ‘name your price’ for a limited time only. If you’re a rock music fan, I would highly recommend it. This band first came to my attention when they released their excellent debut album, “All In The Mind”, in 2015. That’s still one of my favourite albums. This follow-up is fantastic. There are a couple of songs that fans of the band will recognise, as they’ve previously been released as singles, “Animals” and “Feel”, but there are ten new songs and every one is amazing. I had a tough time trying to choose one as a track of the day today because I could have easily picked any of the songs from the album.

Each of the twelve songs on “Live To Learn” contains insightful lyrics and they all reflect the state of the world today, with social commentary and wise observations on human behaviour. The vocals grab you, and the music is catchy. There is so much emotion in each of the songs that you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and listen. I don’t know why this band haven’t been signed yet.

I’ve chosen the last song on the album as my track of the day because it’s my favourite at the moment. I’m sure my favourite will change from day to day because this is a fabulous album. What I love about “Truth” is that it’s very emotive. It’s one of the slower songs on the album but still as hard hitting as the heavier tracks.

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