Track of the Day: Burst My Bubble – Monster Eats The Pilot

“Burst My Bubble” is the catchy debut single by the interestingly named Monster Eats The Pilot and was released on 11th December 2020. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band.

Get a copy of the single:

About the band:

Monster Eats The Pilot is an English alternative rock band formed by George Donoghue in late 2020. Hailing from Brighton, Monster Eats the Pilot focuses on high energy music and vexed lyrics, surrounding mental health, depression, toxic masculinity and relationships.  The name Monster Eats The Pilot comes from the imagery of when depression consumes an individual.  

Since 2016 George has been a member of the International band River Becomes Ocean performing on and producing both “December” and “A Motion Paralysed”.  

He’s also a producer, and George’s work is consistently featured on industry recognised outlets such as KERRANG! Radio, BBC Radio 1 and more, having built a back catalogue of creative songwriting, industry quality production, and sonically massive records for artists across the alternative genres (The Rocket Dolls, River Becomes Ocean, After, Graces Collide, and more).  

His collective of work has seen over 5 million streams, and his contribution to alternative music also continues to grow within his own body of alt-rock music, MONSTER EATS THE PILOT.  

“Burst My Bubble” is Donoghue’s first release as MONSTER EATS THE PILOT. The track boasts ‘thunderous drum beats and captivating guitar riffs’ (Discovered Magazine, 2020). Released through Favour The Brave Records Monster Eats The Pilot joins a host of invigorating Alternative Rock bands coming out of the UK.  


‘Burst my Bubble first came around from conversations with a therapist: “teach me how to be less like me and I’ll try and let you on”.  

‘During lockdown 1.0 in April 2020, I found myself isolated and completely on my own, without seeing another person for 20+ days. Whilst this was a lonely time it also gave me time to reflect, realising the toxic personalities I had let rule my life for far too long. “You’re Just a cloud blocking the sun, Well I’m just having fun”, “I like you when you’re not around”. 

‘For a long time, I felt my sense of identity vanish. Burst my Bubble is a middle finger up to toxic personalities, people who step on others to get ahead.’ ~ George Donoghue

Follow Monster Eats The Pilot:

Instagram: @monstereatsthepilot
Facebook: @monstereatsthepilotUK
Twitter: @MonsterEatsthe

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