Track of the Day – PEAT AND DIESEL – Ho-ro Gheallaidh


I’ve said it before, but the music industry in its current guise isn’t set up for us to easily find new bands outside of the small circle of manufactured acts that it wants to promote. So I have had to acquire a few different haphazard methods of trying to discover them. I make no apology for finding out about Peat and Diesel on the Romesh Ranganathan Christmas travel special to the Western Isles. Hey, wherever I hear something I think sounds pretty good I attach myself to it like a leech.

These guys are great. There is a well defined niche for punk-folk music – The Pogues saw to that back in the ’80’s and ’90’s. And you could very easily view Peat and Diesel through the lens of a sort of twenty first century Scottish Pogues. I promise you that’s not just a lazy comparison, they have covered ‘Dirty Old Town’ and even reinterpreted ‘Fairytale of New York’ as ‘Fairytale of Stornoway’. There are definite links between the two bands and a bit of a shared ethos.

In any case, I love this. Who says a punk band can’t have an accordion in it? Who says they can’t or shouldn’t sing in Gaelic when they want to? Ho-ro Gheallaidh incidentally means, roughly, a sing-song or an uproar as far as I’m able to gather, not being a Gaelic speaker myself. This is from the band’s second album Light My Byre, which is equally as brilliant as their debut Uptown Fank. (Decent sense of humour on the namings too). Seriously, go and check them both out. They are riotous and insanely good fun.

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