Track of the Day: School – Delilah Bon

Delilah Bon’s latest track, “School”, is quite grungy, reminding a lot of Hands Off Gretel but merged with Delilah’s trademark hip hop and rap style. 🙂

“I wrote this song about my lonely days at school. Eating dinner alone, hiding in the school toilets, dealing with bullies, and battling with teachers who constantly discouraged my dreams of becoming a famous singer someday. This song is about realising my dreams, and all those who bullied and ridiculed me wanting to come back into my life.” ~ Lauren Tate/Delilah Bon

Buy “School”:

“School” is the 6th single released this year by Delilan Bon, alter ego of the Hands Off Gretel singer, Lauren Tate. It’s taken from her debut album due to be released in Spring 2021.

The album, the singles, and the videos are all self-written and self-produced, and the artwork and merchandise are all self-created. And, most importantly, everything addresses the way women are treated within today’s society.

I’d be walking down the street, paranoid some guy was following me, holding my hand over my drink in a club, worrying my friends wouldn’t make it home. It’s all been said before, women have been fighting since way before I was born, but the same issues remain and we’ve got a long way to go. Delilah represents strength and empowerment, and I’m here for anyone who needs that. ~ Lauren Tate

If you’ve missed any of Delilah Bon’s previous songs, you can catch up at the links below:


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