Track of the Day – THE COATHANGERS – Wife Eyes



Yay, a new song by The Coathangers. From a new upcoming eponymous album by The Coathangers, due out on the 4th of December. Happy days.

Yeah, I’m a fan. Have been for quite a few years now. They never disappoint in my experience. Recently they’ve been trying to expand their sound a little bit, experimenting with more slightly psychedelic indie rock production here and there. But this is classic Coathangers – raw, garage rock punk, stripped back and delivering exactly what you’d hope for. It’s something said sometimes about AC/DC that simplicity is deceptive, simplicity is hard to do well, it takes skill to make it work. And I often think about that when I listen to this band. They’re just great at what they do. Always catchy, always on point, and I like the fact they have three solid vocalists in the group who can rotate round and add a bit of variety.

All in all, it’s a good day when there’s new music from The Coathangers, so I’m more than happy heading into the weekend.



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