Track of the Day – CLOUD NOTHINGS – Am I Something



Cloud Nothings are from Cleveland, Ohio and describe themselves as a “New Age Rock Band”. I’m not sure about that myself, although if that’s the way they see it who am I to argue?

I picked their song ‘Enter Entirely‘ for track of the day back in 2017. Wow, it doesn’t seem that long ago to be honest. It’s a song that has made it onto quite a few of my different playlists so I listen to it a lot. I said at the time that it was right up my street: low fi, low key, minor chord US indie rock. And so it has proven given the amount of airplay it gets in my house. ‘Am I Something’ is harder, louder, significantly more punked up. But if you’ve read any of my previous posts here you’ll probably know this is also right up my street.

Yeah, this is great. It’s abrasive and filled with enough energy as to almost trip over itself. You get the feeling the rhythm section is just about holding themselves together at times, reigning it back in from bursting with sheer angst. But I like that. I bet this is a belter of a song when performed live.

Anyway, it looks like this is one of the lead singles from the forthcoming album The Shadow I Remember which is out in February next year. Put a note in your calendar, put a reminder on your phone, do whatever you need to do. But 26th February 2021. Don’t forget now. And who knows, maybe by then bands will be able to play live again too.



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