Track of the Day – CHAPPAQUA WRESTLING – The Rift


Chappaqua Wrestling were originally formed in Manchester, but essentially hail from London and have been putting out singles and EPs since 2017. ‘The Rift’ is their latest which came out in August.

I could have picked almost anything by the band to be honest. I only went with this song as it’s the most recent and it makes me seem slightly more like I have my finger on the pulse. But in reality the band has been featured on BBC Radio 6 and been touring a fair bit as well. Overall, they have a classic British indie sound which veers from the bright and jangly to the more grungeish and sludgy. Always with a keen ear for melody though.

This reminds me a little bit of early Teenage Wrist, at least in the initial progressive chords. But it has a distinctly English feel to it too, there are shades of the Charlatans, maybe even Oasis, in the vocal melody. Not too much though – just when you think you’ve pigeon-holed it there’s another downturn to a minor key to throw you back off balance. And then there is a middle eight that probably wouldn’t sound too out of place on a late Stone Roses track.

Yeah, it’s good this. Really good. I like it a lot. It’s quite epic sounding. Definitely a band to keep an eye on these.

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