Track of the Day – PRIESTGATE – Summ(air)


Along with The Cry, Priestgate are my favourite indie rock band at the moment. I picked their previous single ‘Home’ for track of the day back in August, and this is another great song from them. Both bands channel what I guess I think of as the classic indie sound. Jangly guitar led, the odd touch of synth here and there, and proper maudlin vocals over the top. Tons of melody but presented in a bit of an understated way. Think The Smiths, think Lloyd Cole, The Wedding Present, Tindersticks.

This is a great band to be honest with you. They are only three singles in so far and I love all of them. It’s not just the retro appeal either, these are incredibly well crafted songs. Yeah, I’m quite excited by this lot. I think they’re about to release a great album or two in the very near future, and you get to be in on it all right now, ahead of the curve, and be all smug about it when everyone else discovers them. Lovely stuff.

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