Track of the Day – THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL – Cut the Bridle


I wrote a belated review of the last album by The Luxembourg Signal back in 2018 because I discovered it a bit late but it was just too good not to bring up here on the blog. You can see what I said about it here, but suffice to say I liked it a lot. It was a great record.

‘Cut the Bridle’ is from their new record The Long Now which came out at the end of last week. I haven’t listened to it all yet as it’s so new, but have dipped into it when I had a bit of time to do so. So far it sounds equally great – a little more electronic than before, a little more clinical, but no less epic. This is the song that immediately jumped out at me though. It is so Krautrock sounding I loved it immediately. Has a New Order feel to it in those guitar parts, but a gorgeous psyche rock blended vocal over the top. As dreamy and introspective as ever, providing that perfect contrast with the mechanical precision of the rhythm section. Everything they do seems to make me think of flying somehow. It’s just the grand sweep and expanding scope of their music I think.

In any case, this is brilliant. And when I’ve had a proper chance to listen to the whole record I’ll no doubt be back to tell you how brilliant the rest of it is too.

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