Track of the Day – ROYAL BLOOD – Trouble’s Coming


The evolution of Royal Blood continues. From their all out, bluesy, heavy first record to the slightly more refined and harmonised follow up, and now into even more processed sounding territory for their debut single from the third.

All the usual elements are here: the outstanding drumming; the repetitive thundering bass; the indie vocals over the top. Just this time around it’s all a little more measured I guess. There are a few more electronic elements in here to enhance the keyboards introduced last time out. There are more of those nice double layered harmonies they like to use. I like it to be honest. It’s not quite what I was expecting, and it’s no frantic riffathon like ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ or ‘Little Monster’. But hey, you don’t want a band to do the same couple of songs over and over again do you really? And with a sound based around drums and bass alone, I guess you need to find ways to keep it fresh.

I’ll be honest, Royal Blood are one of my favourite current bands so I was massively looking forward to new music from them. This hasn’t disappointed and has just whetted my appetite for the album really.

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