Track of the Day – BLACK HONEY – Run for Cover


Photo Credit: Emma Swann


This is great. I mean, really great. I was a big fan of Black Honey right from their first couple of singles and EPs. Their much anticipated debut album I enjoyed, but maybe not as much as their early releases. I dunno, it seemed less quirky somehow, a little safer. Still very good, don’t get me wrong, but with the very quality I loved so much about them dialed back a notch.

In any case, their latest couple of singles are a true return to form for me. The surf guitar intro on this one hooked me immediately. Yes, YES, this is the kind of retro infused, slightly kitschy Black Honey I love the most. And there’s Izzy Baxter Phillips’ vocal sounding like it’s lifted straight from a ’50’s pop record, but an old jukebox one, one with an ever so slight warp to it because it’s been in there so long. What I mean, I guess, is she has a classic quality to her voice with just a hint of something less sweet, more manic, slithering around under the surface. However badly I’m describing it, trust me, it’s great. To me, it’s the very definition of what retro means – a homage to the cooler things of the past but viewed through a thoroughly modern lens. A new slant on a vintage influence. Referential and self aware. Yes, it sounds pretentious, but I think of Black Honey at their best as the indie rock equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

‘Run for Cover’ is also a bit punkier than the band have been for a while. I mean, what’s not to like about all of that? They are back to doing what they do best in my opinion. And I can’t wait now for that second album, or even just more of these singles. Hell, I don’t care what format the music comes in, just give me more of it…



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