Track of the Day: Be On My Own – Tessa Ying

I found out about this talented musician through the rock band Yard of Blondes.

Tessa Ying is a 26 years old Singaporean Music Producer, Engineer, and Pianist, based in Boston, MA.

Tessa established her music production company Tessa Ying Music in 2020, where she records, produces, and mixes songs for her clients.

Her production company has clients all over the world, including Singapore where her roots in classical music started. Her long list of prestigious clients also includes pianist, composer and International Award Winner Rosy Chua whose work consists of impressive, dramatic classical pieces. Rosy Chua’s piano compositions “Kaleidoscope” and “Rhapsody” have been played in Carnegie Hall (USA), Esplanade (Singapore) and SCECGS Redlands Piano Competition (Australia).

For this project, Tessa took it a step further by not only producing, recording and mixing, but also arranging and performing the pieces in the audio recording too. “Kaleidoscope” is set to be released in November 2020, and “Rhapsody” will be coming out in March 2021.

While her collaborations with artists take up the majority of her time, Tessa Ying has always loved EDM and as an artist and producer, and she has released two original EDM/Bass/ dubstep albums: Mayhem (2018-2019) and JokerPoker (2020).

She’s just released her single “Be On My Own”, today’s track of the day.

Buy the track:

Listen to her music here: sAl3i7RqOMVUFWp0kRXQ

Follow Tessa Ying:




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