Track of the Day – BLOOD RED SHOES (feat. JLX) – Back from the Dead


I’ve picked a Blood Red Shoes song for track of the day before and they’re a great band. Essentially a two piece alt-rock outfit from Brighton, they comprise Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell and produce music that is a little on the industrial side. Occasionally a bit gothy, sometimes dark, always innovative,

‘Back from the Dead’ features JLX and is more electronic, trippy, progressive sounding. I like it. Rock music right at the edge of the genre where it meets dance. Or trip hop. Or electronica. Or whatever you want to call it. It’s their latest single, released in August this year, and follows a string of great albums that reach back to 2008. You should definitely check them out. I was a bit late discovering the band (story of my life) but why they aren’t more well known than they are is beyond me. Truly criminal.

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