Track of the Day – NOTHING – Say Less



Nothing have been around for ten years now, although as usual I’m a bit late to the party. Founding member Dominic Palermo previously played in a few bands on the hardcore punk scene in the US, but this isn’t hardcore music. It’s industrial hard rock, bordering on metal I guess. I’ve seen mention of shoegaze and dreampop when discussing their sound and yeah, ok, I get that too.

‘Say Less’ is their latest single, released earlier this month. And it follows a string of four studio albums, the latest being 2018’s Dance on the Blacktop (if you exclude last year’s rareties and B-Sides compilation Spirit of the Stairs). There’s some great stuff in that back catalogue I’ve discovered. And am, to be totally honest, still discovering. Lots of fuzzy, languid, nihilistic songs that straddle the worlds of indie and metal. Oddly enough, they never quite veer off into psyche-rock though which is where their brand of circular and layered guitar work usually tends to lead. They always sound somehow a bit more clinical and precise than that. Introspective and sludgy at times, yes, a hint of the Jesus and Mary Chain here and there. But with a rhythm section that refuses to be any less than crisp and on point. So yeah, for me they’re more industrial sounding, as I said.

Anyway, really great band this. With a bit of a goldmine of stuff to explore. Not sure why I didn’t come across them before, but there you go. Better late than never. 



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