Track of the Day – PARIS STREET REBELS – Villains


I had to make a proper decision on this one. Paris Street Rebels have just released a new single called ‘Diane’, and it’s great, and I almost picked that instead. But I missed this song when it came out earlier in the year despite me keeping an eye on the band since I featured ‘Nightcrawler‘ on the blog last year. So yeah, I went with ‘Villains’ in the end, and I’ll probably try and cram the other one in somewhere too.

Great band this. On the one hand they absolutely epitomise the contemporary Scottish punk scene, but at the same time they incorporate a wider range of influences for me. There’s a touch more anarchy than the other bands on that scene, an underlying chaos that reminds me a bit of John Lydon/Sid Vicious, The Distillers, even a bit of Prodigy in their punkier moments. Yeah, I really like it. You can’t go wrong with a nice false start and then a bold, frantic, in-your-face guitar riff that takes absolutely no prisoners. No point messing around is there? Get right in there and rip it up from the off. You need to follow these guys, ideally closer than I have been (still can’t believe I missed this). I won’t make that mistake again though.

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