Track of the Day – HOLY MOTORS – Endless Night



I reviewed the debut album by Holy Motors, Slow Sundown, back in 2018. It was a bit difficult to get hold of and I think I ended up getting it off Bandcamp and urged everyone else to do so at the time. I’m hoping for two things at the moment: firstly, that ‘Endless Night’ is from a forthcoming second record; and secondly, that it’s more widely available this time round.

I actually owe the band a bit of an apology really. I made a lot of the fact, last time, that they are from Estonia. Just because I found that something worth remarking on I suppose. But I shouldn’t have, because it hardly matters where they’re from. They’re not just the best band I’ve heard from Estonia, they’re one of the best bands I’ve heard doing this style of music period. The vocals are gorgeous, again, and the instrumentation so lush and stylish. They sit somewhere between Lana Del Ray and Chris Isaak, but, dare I say it, are cooler than both. Throw a pinch of Mazzy Star over the type (incidentally one of my favourite bands ever) and you have something a bit special. I just love what these guys do. It has effortless retro cool and it just sounds silky smooth to me, like pouring honey into my eardrums.

Ok, that’s a bit of a weird image, but you get what I mean. This is great. This band is great. I am so pleased to see they are back and can’t wait to hear more from them.  



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