Track of the Day – BDRMM – A Reason to Celebrate


Photo Credit: Luke Hallett


BDRMM are a ‘shoegaze’ band from Hull in the UK. I don’t necessarily like that term to be honest, which is why I’ve put it in inverted commas. To me, this is just lightly psychedelic indie rock, with an emphasis on circular and grinding riffs. Layered rock music, the kind that builds and builds.

In any case, you probably don’t care too much about my musical label hang ups. So let’s talk about the song. ‘A Reason to Celebrate’ is from the band’s debut album Bedroom which came out in July. It’s a really good record, a great record. Yeah, the band owe a bit of a debt to the likes of Ride and other trailblazers in this kind of genre. But they add something entirely their own to it too. There is, for example, some high precision percussion in the mix here, and while the guitars circle round and round they’re not sludgy as you’d expect, they’re actually quite crisp sounding. They chime rather than drone.

You can check out the album on Bandcamp here. It’s well worth your time, I guarantee it. This is a really good band and they’ve produced a really good record. One to keep an eye on in the future too.




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