One of my favourite Scottish bands these, and one I’ve featured on the blog a few times. Declan Welsh and the Decadent West also have probably my favourite band name at the moment. I can’t think of any better off the top of my head.

Anyway, ‘Useful’ was only released as a single at the end of last week, but I love it. I don’t know how it relates, if at all, to their previous song ‘Useless‘ which I picked as a track of day back in 2018. That was a lovelorn Smiths-like ballad, and this is a an acoustic indie rock anthem. Best listened to, I would imagine, in a festival field as the sun goes down. But I know from the band’s lyrics that they’re smart blokes who know what they’re doing, so I’m sure the mirroring on the song titles is no coincidence.

Yeah, I really like these guys. I’ve been following them for a while now and they keep putting out really great music. If you like this you should definitely definitely definitely check out their debut album which came out last year, Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold. That record has a bit of everything: Glasgow punk, classic Scottish indie, the odd new wave bassline. It’s worth a listen or ten without doubt.



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