Track of the Day – MAN OF MOON – When We Were Young



When I first heard the opening chords of this I was convinced I was listening to an outtake from Sugar’s seminal Copper Blue album. It sounds so reminiscent of the stuff Bob Mould was doing back then in terms of chord structure and progression. Well, needless to say, that grabbed my attention immediately. That’s one of my favourite bands, one of my favourite records. As the song progresses it lifts and evolves so it has it’s own identity too, but what a foundation to use as a starting point.

Man of Moon are a duo from Edinburgh. They’ve been around for a few years but are now hurtling headlong towards the release of their debut album Dark Sea due out in September. ‘When We Were Young’ is actually not that typical of their sound to be honest – their other material has more of an industrial edge, a real mechanised Krautrock influence. Which is why all the other reviews and articles I’ve read on them talk about Can and Neu!, and other bands they’ve influenced like New Order and Nine Inch Nails. This one is a little more fluid than all that, a touch more organic sounding I guess, which shows the band has some real versatility to them too.

I saw them described in the Guardian as a kind of Northern counterpart to Royal Blood. Which I kind of get, although they are not really in the business of big bluesy bass chords, for them its more nuanced sonic soundscapes. They’re more post-punk and post-rock than post-Zeppelin (as Royal Blood are). And you probably know I’m a big fan of that other band, but I strongly suspect I’m going to be a big fan of these guys too.

Check out Bandcamp for that debut album. You can pre-order it now which I might just do myself in the next day or two.



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