Track of the Day – BRAXTON HICKS “Oil & Water”


I confess that I initially decided I had to listen to this tune because, hey, naming a band after the kind of contractions you might experience during pregnancy is a pretty awesome thing to do. Once I listened to the tune, I fell for the riffs and the melody and the lyrics, too.

More about the band:

From the sleepy town of Dover, Delaware (a city that transforms once a year for the Firefly Music Festival) five musicians bonded over a shared love of melodic guitar-driven, female-fronted indie rock music to form the band Braxton Hicks. Crediting influences such as Middle Kids, Echosmith, The Smiths, The Cure, Sleater-Kinney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dum Dum Girls, The Beths, The Pixies, The Police and U2, Braxton Hicks combine ear-candy guitar riffs, sweet & sour vocal harmonies and insightful lyrics to create a fresh sound all their own.

Braxton Hicks is:

  • Carrie Baith- vocals/keys
  • Bill Bush – guitar
  • Rod Whisner – drums
  • Roger Hillis -bass
  • Mike Fernandez- guitar/vocals

Official website / Facebook / Twitter

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