Track of the Day – SOCCER MOMMY – Drive



I do like a good cover version. And more specifically, I do like a good cover version of an ’80’s soft rock ballad. Firstly because they were my teenage years and that was my preferred genre of music back when I was about 13 or 14. But also because I know it’s quite the fashion to look back and think ‘what the hell was going on there?’ when, actually, there were some absolutely great songs kicking about by the likes of The Cars, Foreigner etc. They’re just a bit clouded these days, in my opinion, by the production values of the time. If you look past that, then there’s a bit of a goldmine to rediscover. So what better way to appreciate this than to hear someone reinterpret these songs in a more contemporary way and remove that clutter?

I’m a fan of Soccer Mommy, have been for a few years now. I featured her once before on Track of the Day when I picked her song ‘Your Dog‘ back in 2018. She produces great lo-fi indie rock, proper stripped back stuff with nowhere to hide. It lives and dies on the strength of her vocal and harmonic sensibilities alone. I like that. It’s brave and it’s proper, old school musicianship.

Anyway, yeah, ‘Drive’. The old Cars classic. Performed live no less. Lovely stuff.



PS: Yes, I did refer to her as Soccer Mom rather than Soccer Mommy in an earlier post this week. I could go back and edit it but leaving your mistakes in place keeps you humble. My bad.


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