Track of the Day – HAZEL ENGLISH – Shaking



Ok, something a little less abrasive for today. Hazel English is originally from Sydney in Australia but now based in Oakland and produces indie rock that’s quite firmly in the shoegaze/dreampop mold. ‘Shaking’ is from her second album Wake UP! which was released in April this year.

Yeah, I don’t just like frenetic punk stuff, but you know that already right? This is dreamy, but also pure west coast sunshine rock. With a definite ’60’s feel to it. The harmonies remind me of The Byrds, or The 5th Dimension, something a bit psychedelic and hippyish. The video seems to give a little knowing nod to this too. Which is all fine by me. As long as it’s well put together and sounds good, then anything goes.

I discovered this via one of my many fishing methods for new music – ie. via a Facebook group I’m in where people share stuff they like. I have to check my traps, as it were, pretty regularly in order to catch the good stuff. I’ve said it before, but for god’s sake, why is this music not getting more airplay?

Anyway, great song, great vocal I think. The rest of the album is not too shabby either. Perfect for a sunny day out driving or laying in your garden waiting for a pandemic to pass.



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