Track of the Day – SIR CHLOE – Untie You



Sir Chloe are an indie rock/alt rock four piece based in Los Angeles (but originally from Bennington, Vermont). They comprise Dana Foote, Teddy O’Mara, Palmer Foote and Austin Holmes and have been releasing music since just last year. So far they have, I think, around five or six singles out. No debut album just yet.

I don’t know much more about them than this to be honest. I just heard this song and loved it, so it went straight onto the list. Musically it has that classic ’90’s grunge sound as its foundation – it brings to mind Live Through This era Hole for me. Except it breaks out on the choruses, something Hole never really did around that time. There’s a much more contemporary indie feel to the vocals when this happens. Reminds me more of Alvvays (I’m thinking specifically of ‘Marry Me Archie’ I suppose) or Soccer Mom or something, something much more melodic but with the backbone of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Anyway, I like it. And I’ll be keeping my eye on this band in future. And you should too.



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