Track of the Day – DESTROY BOYS – Honey I’m Home



Destroy Boys hail from Sacramento, California, and have been releasing music since around 2016. They have two full length albums to date – Sorry, Mom from 2017 and Make Room from 2018 – both really good records.

The band tag themselves, at least some of the time, as 21st century Riot Grrrrl. And yeah, you can hear that influence in there. But they have a bit more about them than that for me. This track, ‘Honey I’m Home’, has a real west coast garage and surf sound to it. Imagine a harder edged Best Coast, with those same classic harmonies but a more audible brittle punk spine to it. It actually reminds me a little bit of the first two Bleached records which came from that same raw place. It’s great anyway, I like it a lot. It has precisely the kind of low production, frenetic, but musically accomplished sound I like. Hitting all the right classic rock triggers, right back to the ’60’s underground scene, but in an irreverent and streetwise way that makes it as contemporary as it gets. Yep, more of this please guys, bring on the next single and the next album.



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