Track of the Day – MONDO COZMO – Kicks (Positively Montauk)



What I like most about Mondo Cozmo is he just does what he wants. He has fun. He takes his rock music and mixes it with dance beats and pop production, he cuts things up and puts them back together in whatever way he damn well feels like. And he’s good at it. If even a miserable punk and indie rock gloomster like me can appreciate the joy in his music, then he must be onto something.

‘Kicks’ is from his second album New Medicine which is about as genre bending as his debut Plastic Soul was. Fewer classic soul samples this time around, but probably a touch more of the dancefloor. And just take a look at the album artwork. I mean, come on, if you don’t think that’s the coolest nod to The Freewheeling Bob Dylan you’ve ever seen then I don’t think I can help you.

Check out the album by the way. It might just brighten up your day. It did mine, several times.



In fact, I’m going to put one of my little cheating easter eggs in here at the end. Because it’s a song I missed at the time but is possibly my favourite by him. It’s a brilliant song. You’ll see from the title though you might want to shunt the kids out of the room before you play it…




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