Track of the Day – MAGNUS KARLSSON’S FREE FALL “Dreams and Scars” feat. RENAN ZONTA


I’ve been listening a lot to Brazilian rockers Electric Mob, and here is their singer, Renan Zonta, featured on a fantastic track by Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall. It’s no surprise that Zonta’s vocal skills are fantastic here, as always.

The tune is taken from the album “We Are the Night”, released by Frontiers Music.

Karlsson has been involved in several Frontiers productions. In 2008, he joined German heavy metal band Primal Fear and recorded several albums with them. In 2013, he launched his solo project Free Fall featuring lead vocals by various vocalists.

Track listing for “We Are the Night”:

  1. Hold Your Fire (Dino Jelusick)
  2. Kingdom Falls (Renan Zonta)
  3. We Are The Night (Magnus Karlsson)
  4. Queen Of Fire (Noora Louhimo)
  5. Dreams And Scars (Renan Zonta)
  6. All The Way To The Stars (Mike Andersson)
  7. One By One (Ronnie Romero)
  8. Under The Black Star (Dino Jelusick)
  9. Temples And Towers (Tony Martin)
  10. Don’t Walk Away (Magnus Karlsson)
  11. On My Way Back To Earth (Instrumental)
  12. Far From Over (Tony Martin)

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall Facebook / at Frontiers Music

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