Track of the Day – NICK CAVE – Cosmic Dancer



I have wanted to write about Nick Cave on the blog for so long now. I’m a huge fan. A massive fan. But if you follow his music at all you’ll know he’s moved away from the abrasive gothic punk of the early Bad Seeds records into a more ethereal, post-rock space, so I was never sure if I could get away with that on the Rock & Roll blog.

I’m going to make the argument here though, that a cover of the T Rex song ‘Cosmic Dancer’ ticks enough boxes for me to chance it. It’s a glam rock song. Covered by a post-rock icon. There, enough said. I don’t care if it’s played on the piano with a load of orchestration, it’s a rock song and I stand by it.

I’m being slight facetious. But I think this is great and I can’t stop playing it. I also wanted to pick it to make the slightly broader point that you really (really, really, really) should check out his last album Ghosteen as well. It’s a tough listen in some respects as it deals almost exclusively with the tragic death of his teenage son, but it’s also achingly beautiful and another example of Cave pushing the rock genre ever further out on an experimental limb. It’s one of my favourite records released last year.



In fact, you know what? I’m going to stick a bonus song on the end of the post. ‘Bright Horses’, probably my favourite track from Ghosteen. If this doesn’t bring a tear to the eye then I don’t know what would.



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  1. Alas, I’ve never really gotten into Nick Cave, not because I didn’t like him, but more through my own ignorance of just not being very aware of his discography. That said, I’ve come to appreciate him more recently, as a result of reading many other bloggers’ posts about his music, especially “Ghosteen”, which I agree is pretty magnificent.

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    • Someone played me ‘The Boatman’s Call’ when it came out in the 90’s and I loved it so worked backwards from there. He’s done a lot of stuff and I can’t claim to love every single thing, I prefer his more melodic/dark ballad stuff to the howling gothic blues punk stuff. And he’s definitely moved into more ambient experimental territory of late. But there are little gems everywhere.

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