Track of the Day – COUNTY LINE RUNNER – Plastic Palm Trees



I did say I was on a journey through rock music’s sub-genres this week didn’t I? We’ve had post-punk, psyche-rock, folk rock, punk/indie rock, and now a bit of Americana. (You can call it country rock if you like, I don’t personally like that term at all).

County Line Runner is the moniker for musician Adam Day, former frontman of the band The Lyrebirds. I came across him as a result of my latest obsession with Bill Ryder-Jones (see Wednesday’s post) who worked as the producer on some of his early releases. Hey, I follow all the leads I can find when I’m looking for new music, god knows there are very few easy ways to uncover it these days.

‘Plastic Palm Trees’ reminds me a little of Springsteen, but dreamier. It actually brings to mind more the early singles released by Black Honey with their sort of 50’s America homage sound. And yet it’s more robust than that at the same time, it has an earthy quality to it. Maybe what Fleet Foxes might have sounded like had they swapped the monastic chants for a slightly rougher, more world weary vocal style. Yeah, I’m rambling slightly. Good song though isn’t it? I think we should all keep our eyes and ears open for more from him.



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