Track of the Day – FONTAINES DC – A Hero’s Death



By some quirk of fate, I’ve been following Fontaines D.C. from the very beginning when I stumbled across their debut single ‘Liberty Belle’ about three years ago now. I featured that as a track of the day at the time, and I reviewed their debut album Dogrel last year – my favourite record of 2019 incidentally.

This is the lead single and title track (I think) from their follow up, due out in July. For which I can hardly wait. It’s 100% Fontaines sounding with the Strokes-like opening chords and a nice post-punk deadpan lyric. And, of course, the twist they put on these ingredients as they are absolutely not your typical post-punk band these guys. This time around it’s the Beach Boys type harmonies that drift in here and there, and those deadpan lyrics, well, they’re not deadpan at all are they? They’re contemporary, lyrical Irish poetry.

Yeah, I am an unashamed mega-fan of this band. I think they’re brilliant. They’ll never be to everyone’s taste but as I witnessed when I went to see them live in Liverpool towards the end of 2019, those that do like it tend to become pretty hardcore fans very very quickly. The crowd that night ranged from eighteen year old students to ageing punks in their late fifties. And me, somewhere in the middle of that, crammed in near the mixing desk because there was no room anywhere else in the extremely lively and animated crowd.

Just don’t ask me what’s going on in the surreal video, because I have no clue…



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